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Customer Reviews

  • All In 1 Services | Customers All In 1 Service Inc Customers:

  • 5.0 star rating 5/10/2016

    When my elderly parents had an unexpected flood at their condo and I being very naive to restorations, turned to All in 1 Restoration based on reviews and research. Brad (President of the company) was at their unit shortly after I had spoken with their office and explained everything thoroughly to me. I was very content with his professionalism and they way he represented his company. As a business owner that meant a lot to me. The team from All in 1 Restoration quickly got to work and everyone was extremely helpful and most importantly made my elderly parents feel very comfortable with the work. Final work was great and everyone from All in 1 crew at job sight were a pleasure to work with. 5 stars to the team that deserves it!!

  • 5.0 star rating 3/19/2016

    This guy is the best. I had some water damage after the big storm. He came right away and cleaned my carpet. Highly recommend!!

  • 5.0 star rating 1/10/2016

    After the rain I came back from work and found the first floor in my house literally flooded! It was crucial to get a quick respond from a water damage company in order to minimize the damage. I'm so glad I chose the right company for this job! They arrived within 30 min, worked very professionally and the final result was amazing! I highly recommend them!!

  • 5.0 star rating 12/17/2015

    I came home from work and found my home was flooded, was referred to this company by a friend. Called them immediately and they were at my door in under an hour. Excellent response time. Excellent serve. Highly recommended.

  • 5.0 star rating 11/26/2015

    Great & fast service. All in 1 Restoration & his crew came out immediately after we had a water leak in our store. They dried it out & set up divergent machines to make sure no water left for mold to occur. Will use them again if needed.

  • 5.0 star rating 9/28/2015

    When I got back from my trip to Vegas I found my house completely water damaged. I try to call my insurance company but aince it was late they wouldn't answer, I found out about this company thru a friend of mine and they were im my house within 40 min after I called. They are really professional and have great customer service. They solved the problem and took care of the insurance. I would recommend them.

  • 5.0 star rating 7/26/2015

    All in 1 Restoration and his team recently came to the rescue after a misinstalled pipe leaked through the ceiling. They were very professional, responsive, clean and friendly. I would recommend them to others without reservation.

  • 5.0 star rating 4/5/2015

    I recently came home from a business trip and was greeted by a huge water damage issue in my bedroom. It was horrifying to see how much water was coming in through my ceiling. My girlfriend and I immediately scrambled to find a company to come in and prevent mold from growing and save my wood floors from water damage. We found All in 1 Restoration and we couldn't have gotten luckier. They went above and beyond to help us save our home from mold and water damage. Crew showed up right away and quoted me a fair price. The team was extremely respectful of my home and they very clean. Couldn't have dreamed of a better experience. I highly recommend using this company to help you if you're ever in the same situation I was in.

  • 5.0 star rating 2/12/2015

    Consider me another happy customer of All in 1 Restoration Inc., After smelling mold in our "new" house, The Technicians swept in to take care of the issue. They cleaned mold off the walls and found the source of the mold in the kitchen. They made great suggestions for mold remediation of the source of the mold, and quickly took care of the ensuing issues. The crew was always on time, and kept us up to date on the process. He was also very responsive via phone and email, which was great. No one wants to deal with mold, much less in a house you just purchased. That said, if I had another mold issue in the future, my first call will be to All in 1 Restoration Inc.

  • 5.0 star rating 12/29/2014

    I just spoke to All in 1 Restoration Inc., and they advised me over the phone that I had done everything correctly. I was impressed and will not hesitate to use this company in the future.

  • 5.0 star rating 3/17/2014

    We found some mold growing on the wAll In 1 of our bedrooms and searched around for mold remediation specialists (easier said than done!). Found All in 1 Restoration Inc., here on Yelp and they were very accommodating in setting up a convenient time to come over to take a look - he even starts work at 8am which was perfect for us. The Crew showed up on time and politely offered to take his shoes off in the house. After inspecting our wall, it turns out the mold could be easily cleaned off by us - no need to pay for a professional! We appreciated All in 1 Restoration Inc., honesty and efficiency!

  • 5.0 star rating 3/3/2014

    These guys are just GREAT. Water damage accrued at my family's house. I was there at the time. A broken pipe resulted a severe leak that became major water damage in the kitchen and the living room. We called the All in 1 Restoration Inc., they arrived shortly after. They had to do a lot of water extraction in the living room area and were able to dry the wet carpet and wet walls in less than two days!! They've used fans and large dehumidifiers. They were really kind and polite and felt like they knew exactly what they were doing. I really hope that's the last time I have to see the lol, but if you need someone serious and well-priced that does the work well - don't hesitate to contact them.

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